New Music: LCD Soundsystem This Is Happening

There isn't going to be anything I can say about LCD Soundsystem or their new (and possibly last!) album, This Is Happening that hasn't already been written elsewhere. James Murphy and co. played it pretty safe on their third proper album. Following the pretty brilliant Sound of Silver must be no easy task though and as many have pointed out. The perils of making amazing albums....

This Is Happening should make plenty of fans of previous albums happy though. As my friend said recently that if he'd heard this album before Sound Of Silver, he'd probably like this more. There really isn't anything different, new or challenging here, and that's perfectly okay because Murphy is a fantastic songwriter and he shines here again.

There is nothing as great as 'All My Friends' on this album ('All I Want' is close) but almost every song is enjoyable. 'Pow Pow' is one of the funnest songs of the year and if I ever live out my dream of becoming a DJ, it will be one of my go-to dance floor jams. The Talking Heads-esque final track on the album, 'Home', is another tune that's quickly become a favorite of the year. This will find it's way to the top of many year end lists, but time will tell if it's got the staying power I think it might lack.

LCD Soundsystem - 'All I Want':


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