Great Song Moments

There is an article in the The Onion that poses the questions to its critics: "What are your favorite standout film scenes?" I enjoyed reading the different responses- a lot of classics, some more obscure moments, a few comedic ones- and it caused me to think about posing a similiar question in regards to music: What are your favorite "moments" in music? To clarify, what sections, parts, bridges, choruses, builds, outros, etc. particularly get you going every time you hear them? They may be loud, soft, rising, understated, whatever, but every time they come up, you don't switch songs, you don't leave the room, you stay in the car, you turn the volume up. It's doesn't even have to be from a band or an entire song you like, just a moment that stands out for you, like the opening verse to The Offspring's "Self-Esteem".

This is in no particular order:

1. "Lola"- The Kinks: The opening guitar riff. It's like caffeine in the morning to get you ready for work, or in this case get you ready to sing along to one of the catchiest choruses ever written (and not as plodding as the "Na na na naaa" in Hey Jude"). I grew up with The Kinks, and this was the tune I remember the most as a kid.

2. "When the Levee Breaks"- Led Zeppelin: The drums. If I have to narrow it down to a moment, it'd have to be the opening. Have any drums tracks ever hit with a boom before or since? My buddy and I would listen to it separately in our own cars on the way to mow lawns, so we could time pulling up to the houses with it blasting simultaneously.

3. "Listen to Me Daddy-O": Cato Salsa Experience: I must have a real hang up with openings, since this is another example, as the kicks off with a single note guitar line over a pounding, funky drumbeat, with each end punctuated with an "Ooo! Hey!" before evolving into a distorted bass and swirling keys, like Rage Against the Machine in 1973. A classic "getting ready for the night time" moment.

4. "Starla"- Smashing Pumpkins: Off of the Pisces Iscariot album, this is one eight minutes-plus build all leading to the outro, which features a waahed-out, phasered guitar playing perhaps a total of five notes, but comes off like a complete release from the containment of the everything before it.

5. "Fake Plastic Trees"- Radiohead: The last verse, or maybe chorus, since the whole song is pretty much the same progression, as Thon Yorke testifies that "She looks like the real thing/she tastes like the real thing/ My fake plastic love" while the guitars behind him build and build, then, perhaps to convey loss of hope, it all disappears to just the acoustic guitar, mournful organ, and Yorke fading away.

6. "Flagpole Sittah"- Harvey Danger: This is an example of a moment that sticks out, although I don't own the album, or have any knowledge of the band itself. And the moment truly is random: It's the last verse after the break towards the end (I think), where Sean Nelson sings "Paranoia, paranoia, everyone trying to get me.." Just that part. I just like the way he hits the "p"s.

7. "Sister Christian"- Night Ranger. Take a wild guess what part.

8. "Blaze of Glory" Jon Bon Jovi. Chorus. It's better if you have two people to do the harmonies.

I'm going to stop there, as it can probably go on for awhile. This is a list that could change every hour, as I'm sure it's the same for you. Defintely randomness involved.
What are your favorite "musical moments"?



Poindexter said...

This is kinda silly, but what the hell. Song and/or musical moments that changed my life forever and how I listen/see music has to be from watching Beavis & Butthead on MTV back in the day. That show introduced me to just some goddamn interesting, intelligent, & most of all... original bands such as The Butthole Surfers, Ministry, Primus, the Meat Puppets, and many more.

Matt said...

This is a good topic. I've got a few that stand out instantly.

1. The piano outro to 'Layla' by Eric Clapton. Sure it has a lot to do with Goodfellas, but it's still the best part of that song.

2. The 3:24 mark of the song 'Bicycle' by Memory Tapes. The whole song is great but that moment of the song through the end is fantastic. Reminds me of New Order.


3. The guitar solo(s) towards the end of the song 'Lay Low' by My Morning Jacket. It starts about 3 minutes into the song (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AFJJdaRrFXM) and it's just sick listening to the two guitars dancing around each other until they blend together in the same notes. They go back and forth playing different parts and the guitar bits always come back together. It's always reminded me of The Allman Brothers.

4. The very last verse of 'Patience' by Guns N Roses. There is nothing I sing louder when I'm driving in my car.

5. The opening guitar riff to 'Money For Nothing' by Dire Straits

I'm sure I'll think of five more of these as soon as I hit submit, so I might be back to add more.

Chris said...

Man, those are good from both entries.

I would definitely put "Patience" and "Money for Nothing" up there, and "Layla" for me is an example of song I don't like that much, but the outro seems so completely separate, and yes, associated from now on with a movie.

"Jealous Again" The Black Crowes. Came out when hair metal was still king, so it really stood out as back to basics (and ripping off the Stones, but when no one else was even playing slide guitar, that was pretty cool, especially compared to Warrant).