Concert Announcement: Muse, Erykah Badu, MGMT & more

I'll freely admit that Muse is a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine. The music snob in me thinks I should dismiss them as some mainstream, derivative junk, but in reality Muse pretty much rock. I wasn't a huge fan of the last album, but I loved Origin of Symmetry through Black Holes and Revelations; not to mention that they're an amazing live band as well. They'll be at the Sprint Center on November 2nd and Metric will be opening, so it should be a great show.

There are a handful more shows that I've missed posting about in the last few weeks. The highlights include:

05/14 Phantogram @ The Riot Room, KC
06/08 The Temper Trap/War Paint @ The Crossroads, KC
06/08 Erykah Badu/Janelle Monae @ The Midland, KC
06/13 MGMT @ The Uptown, KC
06/13 Lightning Bolt @ The Jackpot, Lawrence
06/17 Lou Barlow @ The Record Bar, KC
07/06 Modest Mouse/Avi Buffalo @ The Crossroads, KC
08/18 The Black Crowes @ Voodoo Lounge, NKC
10/30 Roger Waters performing 'The Wall' @ The Sprint Center, KC



Bang Potential said...

OK so if your calendar had a fan account on FB I'd be first in line, butttttt : ) have you ever considered putting the day of the week and/or and asterisk by ones that are of personal interest to you or if all of them already are, ones that you are especially keen on

prob a reason you aren't and I realize the first rule of FC/blogging is keep it simple, but had to interject

Matt said...

Haha, laziness would be the reason I'm not...I wish I had a real excuse.

I've definitely thought about adding the day of the week there. I've also thought about bolding recently added dates.

The asterisk next to the "highly recommended" is a great idea too. I'll try and get on this sometime this week.