Coming Out of the Shell

Again, I have been slacking on my promise to myself of contributing more to this blog, but at least my reason is sound: I have to put dowm my drink if I want to type with both hands.

But now that I'm taking a break, a couple of items have come to mind:

1. On Monday the 22nd I checked out Quasi at the Record Bar, and it was a great show. The opening act was a local group and I can't remember the name, but I'll repost when I look at the flyer I took down (my scrapbook habit for shows I go to). They were sort of soft, alt0country pop vibe, with piano and guitars, and put on a solid show, although when they were cheered to do an encore they picked what seemed to be the most forgettable song of their set, so that was a downer. Quasi put on a strong, informal show ("intimate" doesn't seem right, since the venue was too large for the 30 of us there to make it feel cozy), focusing primarily on songs from American Gong, and for their encore, they showed how it's done with their version of "Pictures of Lily", and I think a Pavement tune, but I can't be sure, as they didn't say and I didn't recognize it immediately. I also had a chance to shake hands with the group (I showed them my JoC press credentials), buy a very comfy tee, and head home. I give The Record Bar props for seemingly staying on schedule, although I still don't see how starting at 9pm could hurt anyone.

2. As the weather is warming up and the sky is brightening, so are our hearts and moods. Joyousn news like an upcoming New Pornographers record and tour, and movies like Predators, Tron 2.0 and Clash of the Titans (please, please don't suck) make me giddy and child-like, and my music choices of course reflect this. I am busting out my traditional warm weather groups, which includes a heavy does of The Pornographers and Imperial Teen. So I ask:

What traditional bands do you put on in the spring time?



Matt said...

This is a good one, my buddy Dex and I were just having a discussion about music we listen to more often once it gets warmer. For me it's about two things...Country and good ole fashioned rock n roll.

I'm convinced there is nothing better than some Gram Parsons on a Spring/Summer night. Find yourself a nice porch, some adult beverages and some 'Streets of Baltimore' on a nice summer evening and I'm set.

If I'm not listening some Gram Parsons, Hank Williams or Johnny Cash on a summer night, then I usually turn toward rock music. Whether it's The Hold Steady, Drive-By Truckers or My Morning Jacket, just some straight up rock music when having some friends over on a Spring/Summer evening is perfect. When it gets warm, I definitely don't listen to as much weird indie rock as I do the rest of the year.

Matt said...

I thought of a few more bands I always go back to once it gets warmer:

Fleetwood Mac
Wilco/Son Volt/Uncle Tupelo
The Replacements
Big Star

I'm sure I'll think of more.

Poindexter said...

I agree with Matt, Gram Parsons (be it The Byrds 'Sweetheart of the Rodeo', Flying Burrito Brothers, or Gram solo) might be the ultimate Spring/Summer tuneage. Another strong band for this occasion (for me) is the Grateful Dead. Now I'm not a full on Dead Head here but for my money, they can't be touched. Other warm weather bands that I dig on..... My Morning Jacket, Bob Marley & the Wailers (that's an obvious choice), & ANYTHING MOTOWN.

Chris said...

Gram Parsons, I agree
Black Crowes
Beachwood Sparks...

Bang Potential said...

First NP OMG!!! Re: spring listening, Discovery, gulp, and O.A.R. gulp, gulp, even if it's just in my head, and for some reason all the songs on this playlist I'm still enjoying.