St. Vincent and Thunderant

Anyone who has read a couple of my posts is probably aware that I am a big Sleater-Kinney fan. Carrie Brownstein, guitarist for the band, has a blog on NPR called Monitor Mix, which I highly recommend. She also is in a video sketch group with Fred Armesian, of SNL and various punk bands in the 90s. They recently were asked to do a video for St. Vincent featuring their recurring feminist bookstore characters. So, if you like comedy, St. Vincent, Thunderant, Sleater-Kinney or SNL, then this is for you.

St. Vincent: "Laughing with a Mouth of Blood"

St. Vincent - "Laughing With A Mouth Of Blood"

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Matt said...

I almost posted this. This video and song are great, I'm a big fan of almost everything these three do. I'm still tempted to go to Lawrence and see St. Vincent at the Bottleneck next Monday.