Upcoming Show: Old Canes (Sat Jan 9th)

One of my New Year's Resolutions (that's a lie, I hate New Year's Resolutions and never make any) is to write about more local music here. To be honest, as much live music as I consume, I don't see enough local bands. I read a lot of band names on handbills and websites, but I couldn't tell you what most of them sound like. That's unfortunate and I hope to remedy that problem in 2010.

That said, there is a show this Saturday that you should really check out, and they happen to be local. Old Canes is the side project of Appleseed Cast frontman Chris Crisci and he is joined by a handful of really talented folks from local bands: Kelly Hangauer (4th Of July), Lucas Oswald (Minus Story), Taylor Holenbeck, Joey Henry (Calamity Cubes), Jordan Geiger (Minus Story), John Anderson (Boy's Life / White Whale). The band's second album, Feral Harmonic, came out last year and was #35 on my favorite 50 albums of the year list (Appleseed Cast's most recent album was #49 too) and truth be told, if I had more time to spend with it, it probably would have ranked much higher.

Old Canes will be at The Record Bar this Saturday, January 9th in Kansas City. The Record Bar's website says tickets are 8 bucks, see you there.

Old Canes Myspace

Look at all the work that was put into the new album, buy the album please and support these guys (hey, you could buy it at the show...).


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