Videos: Patrick Wolf & Dinosaur Jr

Since there hasn't been much content up here recently, I thought I'd post something tonight. Since I'm a bit drunk and a lot lazy, I thought I'd just post a few video's I've been digging on recently. First off is Patrick Wolf. I don't know a ton about him other than he's British and his new album, The Bachelor, is pretty good. He reminds me of Bowie (not only in appearance) and if you've seen my music collection, you know I like Bowie. Here's the first video from the new album, the song is called 'Hard Times':

The other video I stumbled upon tonight is the first single from the new Dinosaur Jr album. The album is titled Farm (out June 23rd) and the song is 'Over It'. My first exposure to Dinosaur Jr was 'Feel The Pain'. The video was phenomenal and I fell in love with J. Mascis on that album. Only since then did I go back and discover the brilliance of albums like You're Living All Over Me and Bug and realize what a great band the original trio was. This is the second album with Mascis, Lou Barlow and Murph back together, but in my opinion, the 2007's Beyond was pretty forgettable. Let's home Farm is able to bring some of that original greatness back, the first single isn't bad...




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Hi Matt,

On behalf of PIAS, Jagjaguwar and Dinosaur Jr, many thanks for plugging "Farm" (US street date 23rd June) ... .. thanks, also, on behalf of the labels and artist for not posting any pirate links to unreleased / unauthorized (studio) material and, if you / your readers want good quality, non-pirated, preview tracks, then "I Want You To Know", "Over It" and the b-side "Tarpit" (live) are all officially available for fans and bloggers to link to / post / host etc ... .. for further info and details of on-line promotions, videos and the band's 2009 shows, check-out www.dinosaurjr.com and www.myspace.com/dinosaurjr .
Thanks again for your plug.



Poindexter said...

All praise Matt. Dinosaur Jr. is truly one of America's great trios. I'm digging it. Can't wait for this release.