Concert Announcement: Neko Case

07/19/09 The Uptown Theater, Kansas City

I make no secret of my love for Neko Case (one of my dogs is named Neko, after Ms. Case) and it's not going to stop here. I stand by my comment that she is the greatest voice in modern music and possibly the second greatest female vocalist of all time behind Patsy Cline. You can see what I mean by checking her out at the Uptown Theater in KC on Sunday, July 19th. Tickets go on sale this Saturday and are only $25, however, you can pre-order tickets for the KC show HERE.

Neko Case Myspace



Janell said...

I'm there!

Poindexter said...

I'm with Matt on that "she is the greatest voice in modern music". Sometimes it's hard to believe just how wonderful this womans voice/music is. We are very lucky to have her. As it stands, 'Middle Cyclone' is the #1 album of the year in my mind/heart. Purchasing my ticket.... NOW.

Anonymous said...

Matt, I thought your dog was named after Nico:


Neko Case is cool though too... Lou Reed cool.