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It's been a while since I've put anything up here. Part of my excuse is not having a proper Internet connection at my house for the last month. Either way I plan on getting plenty of posts up here in the next few days concerning a few worthwhile concerts coming through town as well as a bunch of great new music that is out or will be coming out soon. Kevin already mentioned the new Grizzly Bear album, Veckatimest, which is worth every bit of hype and is already heads and shoulders above any other album out so far this year. There are a few other albums that are worth listening to as well so we'll make sure we mention as many of them as we can...sometimes is hard to keep up. Anyway I've got a couple of things for tonight, first off is a video for (what I still think is) one of the best songs of 2008, Department of Eagles 'No One Does It Like You':

Finally, this is relatively amusing...I chuckled at least.


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Poindexter said...

It's nice to see your back from your hiding Matt. I'm anxious as hell for the new Grizzly Bear. The hype has been almost exhausting. I guess I have to wait until release date 5/26 to pass my own judgement. 2009 has definitely came out firing with what I think are some really great albums. So far, 'Merriweather Post Pavilion' is hands down my favorite. However, Neko Cases' latest blows me away with every listen. I recently purchased Enemy Mine by Swan Lake. And I gotta say, upon initial hearing that it's as strange as its album cover art. But it's growing on me fast (vocals are very Bowie-esque). One album that's getting very little or no love at all (FU Pitchfork) is the new Decemberists. WTF? I can't get enough of it. It possesses everything a rock album should. And that's exactly what 'Hazards Of Love' is in my opinion.