Live Videos: Blitzen Trapper, Doves, The Tallest Man on Earth

I've been neglecting the blog recently but I promise to try and get more stuff up here. I've been spinning plenty of new music recently and I've definitely run across plenty of stuff worth checking out. More to come on that this weekend. Until then, I found a few really cool live performances from three solid artists that were big fans of here. First off is JoC favorite, Blitzen Trapper, who performed a few tracks for Pitchfork TV that you can watch all of HERE. Here is them doing my favorite track, 'Wild Mountain Nation' from their 2007 album of the same name.

The Tallest Man on Earth is another new favorite of mine. In fact he made my top 10 albums of the year last year (see the full list here and here). Here he is doing 'The Gardener' from one of my favorite music sites, La Blogotheque.

The last video is from another favorite music site of mine, Black Cab Sessions. Doves new album Kingdom Of Rust is a solid album, but the title track is already one of my favorite songs of the year...enjoy:


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