Faith No More Reunites

This news may not excite that many people but I know of a few that will appreciate this. Faith No More are reuniting after a decade long hiatus. I've expressed my adoration for Mike Patton on this blog before, and that appreciation started as a ten year old kid digging on 'Epic' and 'Falling to Pieces'. My love for this band was solidified a few years later when they released the brilliant album Angel Dust.

You can read about the reunion from the band themselves HERE. As of right now, the only reunion show plans are for Europe but I'm hoping they take it stateside as well. Of course, if they do I'll make sure and let you know.

In honor of this announcement here are a few Faith No More highlights....you'll all most certainly recognize the first one.

Faith No More - Epic

Faith No More - Midlife Crisis

Faith No More - Easy (Lionel Ritchie Cover)


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Anonymous said...

And Imagine my surprise to find out when I first listened to Imperial Teen and found out that Roddy the singer was the keyboardist for Faith.