Concert Announcement: The Decemberists, Franz Ferdinand and More

A few shows that have been announced in the last week or so, it appearing the area might have a pretty great concert line-up this spring. As always the full calendar is HERE.

-The Decemberists at The Uptown Theater in KC on May 27th
-Franz Ferdinand will be at The Beaumont Club in KC on April 27th
-Vivian Girls will be at The Jackpot in Lawrence on May 4th
-Junior Boys will be at The Record Bar on April 25th and they'll be joined by Max Tundra
-Richard Hell (formerly of Television and The Voidoids) will be at The Record Bar in KC
on May 4th.

A special note, if you aren't up to speed on your late 70's punk rock and haven't heard of Richard Hell's first band, Television, do yourself a favor and get a copy of their near-flawless album, Marquee Moon. You can thank me later.


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Anonymous said...

Matt, I would also like to add another key album by Richard Hell. 1977's "Blank Generation" is a beautiful mess. In my not-so expert opinion, it's the defining album for '77. Also, the title track might just be the best punk song ever written. Track one is a doozy named "Love Comes In Spurts". It doesn't get any more punk than that!