Top 10 Protest Songs of the 21st Century


4. Talib Kweli & Cornel West - Bushonomics

Probably the least subtle of the songs on the list (except for 1 & 2) Talib Kweli has never pulled any punches as a lyricist. Kweli has always had a political aspect and a sharp opinion in his music so this song comes as no surprise.

3. Tom Waits - Hoist That Rag

Ah, good ole Tom. I would have an easier time figuring this was a politically themed song if Mr. Waits weren't so hard to understand at times. Included then are the lyrics to Tom's compelling War narrative.

"Well I learned the trade
From Piggy Knowles and
Sing sing Tommy Shay Boys
god used me as hammer boys
To beat his weary drum today

Hoist that rag
Hoist that rag

The sun is up the world is flat
Damn good address for a rat
The smell of blood
The drone of files
You know what to do if
The baby cries

Hoist that rag
Hoist that rag

Well we stick our fingers in
The ground, heave and
Turn the world around
Smoke is blacking out the sun

At night I pray and clean my gun
The cracked bell ring as
The ghost bird sings and the gods
Go begging here
So just open fire
When you hit the shore
All is fair in love
And war

Hoist that rag
Hoist that rag
Hoist that rag
Hoist that rag"


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