Top 10 Protest Songs of the 21st Century

The list continues...

6. Arcade Fire - Intervention

Arguably the most political tune Arcade Fire have released, 'Intervention' is most certainly a swipe at Bush. There is a fantastic version of a video for this song placed with scenes from Coppola's Rumble Fish that you can see HERE, but this one set to 1984 might be a little more appropriate (plus I can't embed the other one here, heh).

5. Kris Kristofferson - 'In the News'

I'm not going to lie, I had not hear this song until I read this list. I didn't even know Kris was still making music anymore, my only experience with him in the last decade was the fine Blade films. After checking out this song a few times, the old man's still got it. You knew he had to be a badass if Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson used to hang out with him. You can conveniently read the lyrics in the video for 'In the News' below.


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