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If you haven't heard of Republic Tigers quite yet, you will very soon. They're a Kansas City band and they appear to have all the pieces to stardom laid out in front of them. The Republic Tigers first full length album, Keep Color, is set to be released on Chop Shop Records on May 6th. They are actually the first band to be signed to Chop Shop, which is the new label started by Alexandra Patsavas. You may not know that name but Alexandra is the music supervisor responsible for picking out the songs for TV shows like Grey's Anatomy and The OC (which, for better or for worse, makes her a big contributor to the success of Snow Patrol and The Fray) which no doubt gives any band she is promoting a head start on garnishing press. To top this all off Republic Tigers will be the musical guest on Letterman on May 22nd.

On the night the new album gets released The Record Bar will be hosting a listening party where you can pick up a copy of Keep Color. In addition you can catch them live this Saturday April 26th at Crosstown Station in Kansas City. You can check out their new video for their (pretty darn great) song 'Buildings And Mountains' below.

The Republic Tigers Myspace

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Indie_dinosaur said...

Awesome video! I love it. Can't wait to get their album tomorrow!