Concert Announcement: DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist

02/05/07 The Voodoo Lounge, Kansas City
DJ Shadow:

Cut Chemist:

If you know very well, you probably know my obsession with DJ Shadow. Other than releasing what I think is one of the best 5 albums of the 90's (his 1996 debut, Endtroducing) he completely changed my musical path. Shadow revolutionized the mash-up of electronic and hip-hop music into what is now referred to most of the time as Trip-Hop. Shadow's music always had a strong base in Hip-Hop and from him I discovered a ton of great music I probably wouldn't have checked out otherwise. My friends and I even drove to Chicago five years ago to see him play live, and it was completely worth it. DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist (Jurassic 5) have worked together a few times before. Their bootleg mixtape, Brainfreeze, leaked years ago and contained DJ sets from both mixing rare funk and soul records with a few beats of their own thrown in as well. I'm not sure if they're shows will be their own stuff or just DJ sets, but either way it will be worth it for Shadow presence alone.

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