Ryan Adams & The Cardinals - Follow the Lights EP

I knew there was no way that Ryan Adams could go an entire year with releasing only one album. Ryan's newest EP Follow the Lights came out today and once again he is joined by The Cardinals. Follow the Lights contains three new songs, three reworkings of old songs and a cover. The new songs are all more reminiscent of Cold Roses or Jacksonville City Nights rather than this years disappointing Easy Tiger. The old songs include a "Cardinals Version" of 'This Is It' from the even more disappointing Rock N' Roll. This version however is a lot easier to digest than the slick, over-produced sound that plagued Rock N' Roll. Two live studio versions of 'If I Am A Stranger' (originally from Cold Roses) and 'Dear John' (off Jacksonville City Nights) are both interesting enough to warrant inclusion here. The highlight of this EP though is a cover of 'Down In A Hole', which if you missed the 90's is originally by Alice In Chains. A sign of a great cover is if you can make it your own while still being able to pay tribute to the original and Ryan is successful here on both counts. If you are even a little bit of a Ryan Adams fan, that cover is worth the $4.99 price tag alone.

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