Show Review: The Veils

8/01/07 The Replay Lounge, Lawrence
Seeing a band like New Zealand's The Veils in a place like The Replay Lounge is just one of those instances where you wonder, "what in the hell are these guys doing HERE?" According to the bands Myspace page, they are spending a couple of months living in an empty warehouse in Oklahoma City. While there the band went on a mini tour of the midwest and luckily, Lawrence was one of those stops. The show started almost two hours later than planned because The Yeah Yeah Yeah's were playing only a half of a block away at around the same time. It was definitely worth the wait. The band sounded perfect, playing mostly songs from their excellent new album, Nux Vomica. Lead singer/songwriter Finn Andrews is one of those rare people who have the ability to captivate a room with his voice alone. Comparisons to Jeff Buckley are rightfully deserved. It will be hard to not include this show in my list of favorite shows of the year. Seeing someone so criminally unappreciated as The Veils in a tiny room like The Replay Lounge is just one of those shows that will be hard to top.


Unknown said...

It was a great show. Finn is one of those singers who I'm guessing cannot turn in an unemotional performance. The guy's entire body shakes with the beat. The rest of the band was equally engaging. I hope I can get the chance to seem them again some day in a proper venue and a full set list. ;)

Anonymous said...

Glad you all enjoyed the show - i can't wait to see 'em again here in new york! rock on!