The 100 Greatest Albums of the 90's: 61-80

61. The Beta Band - The 3 EP's (1998)

This album gained serious popularity after the use of it's best song ("Dry the Rain") in the movie High Fidelity. There are many moments on this album that show you why huge UK bands like Radiohead and Oasis were such big fans.

Favorite Songs: Dry the Rain, She's the One, It's Over

62. Portishead - Dummy (1994)
Portishead's debut is a brilliant mix of trip-hop, hip-hop, old spy movie beats, and Beth Gibbons haunting voice. One band I seriously regret never seeing live. All their albums are worth owning.

Favorite Songs: Sour Times, Strangers, Glory Box

63. The Flaming Lips - Clouds Taste Metallic (1995)

The last Flaming Lips album to feature second guitarist Ronald Jones finds The Lips playing their last album of true guitar pop. Psychedelic Brian Wilson inspired tunes are all over the place. The Flaming Lips may have gotten a lot better since Clouds Taste Metallic but there is still a lot of great stuff on here. Favorite Songs: Abandoned Hospital Ship, Evil Will Previal, Bad Days

64. Ani Difranco - Little Plastic Castle (1998)

Ani's sound came full circle on Little Plastic Castle to incorporate bits and pieces of all her styles on one album. Her most well produced album to date and some of her best songs ever.
Favorite Songs: Little Plastic Castle, Gravel, Swan Dive

65. Beastie Boys - Ill Communication (1994)
There is quite a bit of filler on this record, but, once again, it contains some of the groups best songs. The one thing I always noticed about Ill Communcation is the fact that it's the one Beasties album where they seemed to improve their rhyme skills.
Favorite Songs: Sure Shot, Root Down, Get It Together

66. De La Soul - Buhloone Mind State (1993)
Easily the most underrated De La album, Buhloone Mind State finds them at their most creative. This album makes the list alone because of the two best De La songs ever: "Ego Trippin' (pt. 2)" and "I Am I Be"

67. Mercury Rev - Deserter's Songs (1998)
A symphonic, psychedelic pop masterpiece, Deserter's Songs is also Mercury Rev at their most beautiful.
Favorite Songs: Tonight It Shows, Endlessly, Opus 40

68. Pavement - Crooked Rain Crooked Rain (1994)
Not quite as great as Slanted and Enchanted but this record is a much more accessible album overall.
Favorite Songs: Cut Your Hair, Range Life, Elevate Me Later

69. Yo La Tengo - I Can Hear The Heart Beating As One (1997)

By far the most focused and best songwriting on any Yo La Tengo album. There are so many great pop gems here even if the album does run a little long. Favorite Songs: Sugarcube, Autumn Sweater, Green Arrow

70. Whiskeytown - Stranger's Almanac (1997)
Whiskeytown's first major label debut might sound a bit overproduced but Ryan Adam's songwriting, like always, is excellent.
Favorite Songs: Excuse Me While I Break My Own Heart Tonight, 16 Days, Houses on the Hill

71. Nirvana - Nevermind (1991)
I had to include this one on influence alone. I feel this albums greatness is a bit overrated but it did so much for the music industry in general that I couldn't leave it out.
Favorite Songs: Drain You, Stay Away, Something In The Way

72. Ween - Chocolate and Cheese (1994)
Ween's pop sound finally came to the forefront here enough to earn them loads of new fans. Still weird enough to be a Ween album. Everyone wins.
Favorite Songs: Take Me Away, Freedom of '76, Baby Bitch

73. Sonic Youth - Washing Machine (1995)

Sonic Youth's return to their SST era sound. Probably their most aggressive and greatest album since Daydream Nation.
Favorite Songs: Washing Machine, Little Trouble Queen, Junkie's Promise

74. Ice Cube - Amerikkka's Most Wanted (1990)

Ice Cube abandoned the traditional west coast style of rap for his first solo album. Mostly produced by Public Enemy producers Bomb Squad, this album still sounds as raw and fresh as it did in 1990.
Favorite Songs: The Nigga You Love to Hate, Amerikkka's Most Wanted, Endangered Species

75. Pearl Jam - Ten (1991)
No matter how bloated and overplayed this album may sound now, the second half of it is pure brilliance.
Favorite Songs: Oceans, Porch, Garden
76. Buffalo Tom - Big Red Letter Day (1993)
A bit poppier than anything they had done before, Big Red Letter Day was definitely influenced by the rock sound on the radio at the time. Still a great record.
Favorite Songs: Soda Jerk, I'm Allowed, Late at Night
77. Son Volt - Trace (1995)
When Uncle Tupelo broke up, Trace and Wilco's AM were shortly released after. I thought that Son Volt would far surpass Wilco in talent and output. I think Son Volt might have peaked with Trace.
Favorite Songs: Windfall, Drown, Tear Stained Eye

78. Spiritualized - Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space (1997)
Spiritualized best album to date and easily their most accessible. Included for the title track alone.
Favorite Songs : Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space, I Think I'm In Love, Electricity

79. My Morning Jacket - The Tennessee Fire (1999)
My Morning Jacket's debut album is a very low-fi affair. You can see hints of Jim James' brilliance all over this album. They only get better.
Favorite Songs: They Ran, The Bear, I Will Be There When You Die

80. Billy Bragg & Wilco - Mermaid Ave. Vol 1 (1998)
When Woody Guthrie's daughter contacted Billy Bragg to compose music to some of her fathers old lyrics Bragg brought Wilco on board to help. Genius ensues.
Favorite Songs: California Stars, Ingrid Berman, Eisler on the Go

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