Concert Announcement: White Denim

This is a band that I've been digging on for the last few months but hadn't mentioned here yet(other than their album cover previously appearing over in the left column under "what we're listening to"). White Denim are from Austin, Texas and have been building quite the underground following over the past year or so. Austin music blog Gorilla vs. Bear have been talking them up for a long time now but I never checked them out until their most recent album, Fits, came out in June.

Generally a ton of the stuff that gets hyped up on indie blogs can be, well frankly put, really shitty. I'm sure it's someone out there's favorite type of music, but this under-produced, no-fi, shitgaze stuff that's all the rage doesn't really do it for me. White Denim however seem to be cut from more of a 70's classic rock cloth that I really dig. Their new album has been hovering around in my top 10-20 albums of the year since I first heard it. Their video below is a great example of their sound, and while that track is good, my favorite tune on the album (and one of my favorites of the year) is called 'Regina Holding Hands' and you can hear that HERE.

White Denim will be at the Jackpot Music Hall in Lawrence on November 3rd. I haven't heard too much about their live shows, but if it's got as much energy as the new album does, it will be great.

Here's the video for 'I Start To Run' off Fits:


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